This is where artifacts that have to do with science are housed. It is at the top of the warehouse near the warehouse garden.

  • Stop Sign From The Storm Of 77'- Causes snow storms to hail until it reaches the word stop on the sign.
  • Galileo's Telescope- Lets you see galaxies away.
  • Fragments of The Early Human Lucy's Body- Decomposes you body by making it grow older quicker.
  • Dmitry Medvedev's Element Chart- List you be able to control and possess all of the elements listed.
  • Anna Freud's Hair Tie- When in your hair can change your body into any form of matter.
  • Neil Armstrongs Wrist Watch- When worn the person wearing it has no gravity.
  • Volcano Project- When baking soda is poured in every volcano on earth will erupt.
  • Ant Farm- When ants are released they are prehistoric size.
  • Bunsen Burner- Anything placed on it will immediately turn into a gas.
  • Vladmir Kosme's Microscope- Animates the organisms giving them the ability to talk and act like humans.
  • Stirrups- When kicked causes your horse to buck you off always ending in death.
  • Dissected Frog- When touched causes body parts to magically appear out of the body.
  • Thomas Addam's Chewing Gum- When blown causes a huge bottle that could be used to fly with.
  • Charles Darwin's Note Book- Causes new species to appear all over the world.
  • Johanne Kepplar's Coin- When spun causes the world to spin ultra fast but when stopped the world is stilled but not the person holding the coin.
  • Louis Pasteurs Mirror- When looked in splits your good and bad side.
  • Niels Bohr's Thread- Gives you body features that would let you survive underwater.
  • Nicholas Copernicus's Pendulum- When outdoors causes the planets to pull into the sun.
  • Wilheim Conrad Rontgen's Specs- Gives you xray vision.
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