This is a story were i found the creepiest artifact well not me my cousin.         

     The day before this one i had taken my younger cousin Mamie to a Dodgers Baseball game. The Red Sox were up by five. My cousin did not want to see her favorite team lose so we left. She was wearing a badazzled backpack and all of a sudden then zipper unzipped by itself. I l grabbed my Tesla designed by Claudia. But she smacked it out of my hand and continued walking. Then the evil Porcelain Doll appeared giving me the finger. She wanted to go to a local thrift shop. When we walked in i had a suspicion of being watched. So about every two seconds i turned around. Then i saw an original furby who's eyes were continuously watching my every move. Mamie did not find anything but i did buy that mysterious furby. When we arrived at the warehouse Artie did a little jump in the air stating "That thing gives me the hebbie jebbies". Artie used his artifact scanner that see's if a object is truly an artifact (It resembles a price gun). It lit up green which means it is an artifact so Artie hooked it up to the computer to see what its effects are. It could not be something to horrible because i touched it without gloves. It was a spying device which also puts whatever you do say or in public the worst case scenario is when it absorbed your thoughts and memory). Then i thought to myself oh no Mamie has another play thing. But as time when on Mamie seemed to never play it. But Artie sure did stay away from it.
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