These are artifacts that have done or can do major damage to a person or a thing.

  • Jim Jones Ring-  When worn lets you control mass groups of people. But when taken off you and whoever you were controlling will die at the same time the ring is tooken off.
  • F'ireplace- One gateway to hell.
  • RingLing Brothers Hoop- When lit is another gateway to hell.
  • Scotch Tape- When in contact with skin and peeled off flesh will peel off with it.
  • Candy Cane- When aten it will rap around your vital organs. Then it will turn into a bow leading to death.
  • Alarm Clock- Secretly a doomsday device.
  • Leif Erickson's Viking Helmet- When worn will turn inside out.
  • Dried Babies Breath- Takes your breathaway.
  • Mary Cottons Apron- Whoever wears it will be controlled to poison foods.
  • Locked Box Of The Forbidden Fruit- Gives you knowledge that only god has but will unleash all sins onto at once.( Locked In Deep Storage Because It Can Be Used For Deep Storage.)
  • Hands Of Time- One of the warehouse's most treasured artifacts because it has the ability to control time.
  • Chimes Of Calamity- When wrong will cause several natural disasters at once ending in dooms day.