It Is a blocked off section of the warehouse that deals with zombies, vampires, & the living dead. It was first created to
house Frankenstein's brain, & neck bolts. All artifacts placed In here has the ability to turn undead things alive If used In the correct manner. The security & protection that holds these artifacts  back are barbed wire from Alcatraz, & Harry Houdini's stray jacket. It's sister area Is the youth vault.


  • Frankenstein's Brain- Effects unknown
  • Frankenstein's Neck Bolts- If worn by someone dead & they are struck by lightning they will be brought back to life.
  • Dracula's Blood- If drunk you will be transformed into a vampire.
  • File Cabinet Of Sold Souls- It will give you the ability to take all of their years of life away.
  • Jay Z's Pocket Watch- It gives you the ability to keep yourself hidden for centuries.
  • Fido's Command Collar- You will be able to tame the undead.
  • Trial Batch Of Bath Salts- It will turn you into a zombie for a period of five hours.
  • Zombies Skull- If buried every dead body will come back to life as zombies.
  • Coffin- If anything dead Is placed inside they will be brought back to normal completely fine.
  • First Recording of The Night Of The Living Dead- Anyone who watches It will be transformed Into a zombie.