The warehouse cells are In the dark side of the warhouse. It houses artifacts that from some of the most known
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The Cells

criminals. The bars on the cells are from Alcatraz. Artifacts here are known to escape so we keep someone employed to watch them.


  • Bonnie & Clyde's Rose- If touched by two people It will cause them to fall In love & commit crimes together.
  • Ale Capone's Fedora- If wore It will cause his soul to inhibit your body.
  • Jack The Ripper's Trench Coat- It will cause you to become a predator but you will leave finger prints of another person
  • Jeffrey Dahmer's Collection Of Bowls- It will starve you & make you turn to cannibalism.
  • Newspaper Clippings- If placed out on a blank sheet of paper you will disappear & a ransom letter will be left where you disappeared.
  • John Dillinger's Self Portrait- If you look into his eyes It will cause you to repeat everything he did.
  • Unopened Letters Of Anthrax- If you touch It the effects will leak out even with out being opened
  • Tommy Guns gun-