Me and Claudia were sitting around talking when my little cousin came running in holding the orginal Barbie

also a Porcelain Doll and Baby Doll following behind her which was pretty creepy because both the Baby Doll

and Porcelain Doll are in the dark vault but will not hurt me, my Grandmother, Mamie, or Misses Fredrick

because of our connection to the warehouse. Mamie told us that Grandma and artie needs us because Myka,

and the J man were busy trying to make Pete stop wanting a gumball from a cursed machine. Me, Mamie, and

Claudia were told that we have to go to the RingLing Brothers museum and to Gustave Languise mansion in

paris. First we headed off to the RingLing Brothers Museum trying to think what could the artifact being but

Artie gave us some insight saying that it goes past the maximum protection and needs to be stored right away.

Mamie had brought her porcelain doll. but when i tried to pick Mamie up it hissed at me signaling the hand

cutting the throat then pointing to a ring of fire. I went into a deepthought seeing the internal fire. I then knew

what it was it was 1 out of 6 gateways to hell. The Mamie cleared theroom when she had some how told them

what could happen using her mind. We got it and left as soon as possible Artie told me "good thing no one

demonstrated on it and chuckled". I asked him why and he told me " only way it couldbe activated is if someone had lit the ring."


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