It Is a sister vault to the dangerous Dark Vault. It contains artifacts on the genre of the supernatural such as ghosts, witch's, & demonic matter. It used to be a cave that protected the witch Circe's most valued spells & potions. Those artifacts that belonged to her was lost during warehouse 3. The first artifact to be placed inside of here was Merlin's Spellbook, we also keep religous artifacts to keep things In order.

Religous ArtifactsEdit

  • Mary's Rosary- It makes thing peaceful when the beads are spread out.
  • Prayer Cloth- It will make sure that there Is no havoic but first a Rabbi must say a prayer while holding It.
  • Martin Luther King's Bible- It will cause things to have a more peaceful outcome.
  • Vat of Holy Water- If you spray some on the artifacts & the walls, plus the floors a force will hold It back.


  • Merlin's Spellbook- It will give you the ability to cast spells even If you are not a wizard.
  • Merlin's Wand- It has to be used with Merlin's Spellbook.
  • Merlin's Rose- If touched It will turn your heart pure evil.
  • Rack of Broomsticks- Has the ability to fly. ( If your heart Is pure good It will not work for you)
  • Yensid's Hat- It will unleash havoic If you are not worthy enough to wear It.
  • Ouija Board- If used demons will torture you In most cases It will end In death.
  • Crystal Ball- It will give you the ability to talk to any spirit but ocassionaly a demon will appear.
  • Talasman- If shines near the light It will block the suns light causing darkness.
  • Candles- If used In a seance your soul will be switched with whoever you are trying to contact.
  • Witches Glass- It can trap souls inside of It.
  • Witches Pot- It will give you the ability to see future disasters If the right ingridients are placed inside.
  • Gallow's From Salem- If a witch comes In contact with them It will hang them. Then their magic Is transfered inside of It.
  • Walking Cane- Effects unknown
  • Top Hat- Effects unknown
  • Petrified Toad- Effects unknown
  • Black Cat- It Is alive but If you look into It's eyes It will possess you.
  • Preserved Warts From Killed Witches- Effects unknown
  • Hansel & Gretel's Lollypop's- It has a spell so when licked It will turn you into candy.
  • Magic 8 Ball- It Is cursed so whoever reads It fortunes will be cursed.
  • Voodoo Dolls- Any injuries to the voodoo doll will appear on the users enemies.
  • Broken Mirror- Effects unknown.
  • Cabinet Of Potion's- It contains death, love, curse, money, & other potions.
  • Rosemary's Baby Crib- Any baby placed inside will become the son of the devil.
  • The Boogey Man's Trench Coat-