This section of the warehouse contains artifacts that are disgusting, & artifacts that are unhuman or have strange body effecting abilities. It was founded & created by field agent Robert Ripley. This is the most respected place of storage in the warehouse.

Ability ArtifactsEdit

  • Lazarus Colloredo's Bracelets- It Is a set of two & if worn you and the other person will be conjoined.
  • Elephant Man's Bones-
  • Albert-Alberta Kara's Headband- It splits one side of your body into a man & the other side a woman.
  • Grady Stile's Gloves- It gives you claw hands.

Gruesome ArtifactsEdit

  • Human Skin Lamp- If you glair into the light your skin will start peeling off.
  • Human Fat Soap- Malicious effects unknown.
  • Ed Stein's Human Masks- Malicious effects unknown.