This Vault Has Been Around For Generations. This First Caretaker Of This Vault Was Agent Aesop Who Was Very Famous For His Fables, Then After He Died Then Next Caretakers Was The Brother's Grimm, After One Had Die & The Other Had Retired, Mother Goose Took Their Place. She One Of The Best Caretakers. After She Had Went Into Hiding She Passed It To Dr. Suess. After His Death There Has Been No Other Single Caretaker.


  • Humpty Dumpty's EggShells- When Held In One Hand You Body Will Start To Chip Away Pieces Of Itself.
  • The Black Sheeps Wool Sweater- When Worn People Will Steal & Take Away All Of Your Belongings.
  • Bingo's Dog Collar- When Worn By A Human It Will Turn Them Into A Talking Animal.
  • Tigers Toe- If It Hollars While Near You & You Do Not Let It Go A Tiger Will Come Out Of No Where & Maul You.
  • The Cat's Fiddle- When Played Around People It Will Not Affect You But It Will Make The People Around You Do Unimaginable Things.
  • Dish & Spoon- They Well Let You Get Out Of Situations Without Being Seen.
  • Hickory Dockory's Hand- When The Had Strike One An Ear Piercing Bell Will Resonate.
  • Hot Cross Bun's- When You Have Taken A bIte Out Of It Will Feel Like Heaven At First But Then An Extreme Hunger Will Go Through You.
  • The Old Man's Bed- When You Lye In The Bead Rain Will Come From No Where & Start Pouring On You.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider's Water Spout- It Will Never Let You Achieve What You Are Trying To.
  • Jack & Jill's Pail Of Water- Has A Endless Supply Of Water. When You Drink From It Bones Will Break & Pain Will Be In All Parts Of Your Body.
  • Jack B. Nimble's Candle Stick- When You Lite It, It Will Make You Very Strong & Nimble. But When You Jump Over It Will Knockover & Cause Mass Fires.
  • Little Miss Muffet's Curds & Whey- When Aten All Things That You See Will Become Frightening To You.
  • Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard- Will Cause You to Do Unreal Things For Food Once You Have Looked In Inside Of It.
  • Baker Man's Oven- Anything Baked Inside Of It When Done Will Appear To Have Your Face & Name On It. So There Is No Known Threat.
  • Peter Pumpkin Eaters Pumpkin- It Will Cause You To Give Of Someone You Love For Someone You Don't & Then Learn To Love The Other.
  • Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers- When One Has Been Eaten You Won't Be Able To Figure Out Anything.