This area is a vault with no roof. It used to have a roof until the boulder we had flew up and took it off. We realized these items do not like to be completly sealed so it was a better renovation.


  • St. Luis Arch- Is a teleportational gateway.
  • Mirror- Is a very sinister portal to the dreadful mirror world.
  • Mary Poppin's Umbrella- Will take you to a child in need.
  • Lewis & Clark's Compass- Takes you to whatever destination you want to go but only halfway. Additionaly it will make the rest of the journey hard.
  • Ferdinand Magellan's Globe- Whatever place touched it will take you to. But once you get to the destitnation it will erase you memory of where you want to go.
  • Dorothy's Ruby Slippers- Takes you to the place you call as home.
  • Lewis Carrol's Rabbit Hole- Takes you to the ghost world.
  • Ferris Wheel- Is a time machine.
  • Chester Arthur's Pocket Watch- Lets you travel to anytime period. But if closed you will be trapped there forever.
  • Transportation Hoop- When you step through is a portal that will take you to wherever you want.
  • Parking Meter- Lets you travel back in time depending on how much money you put in.
  • Bedknob- When screwed on the bed it will be a faster than light transportation system.
  • Bed- Is just the other piece to making the bedknob work.
  • Door- Is a black hole if opened.
  • Telepod- Tranfers you a couple of yards. But then will give you the body of a fly.
  • Hypersphere- Lets you go back in time. Even farther than creation of earth.
  • Seven League Boots- Allow wearer to take great strides. Seven leagues each step resulting in speed.
  • Shelve Of Jetpacks- Is a flying device. Placed here because for some reason it would run out of feul after ten miles or less.
  • Toilet- If used will transport you in front of mass crowds.
  • Broomstick- It belonged to a witch that was not tried in salem.
  • Boulder- Is like a car but when in fear it will panic and fly. ( Tore Of The Corridor Roof )