It Is similar to the warehouse library because It has every song recorded inside of It. But It also has artifacts that belongs to singers & dancers. It Is the 12th area to be established In the warehouse. It Is split into two rooms.

Music Sector ArtifactsEdit

  • 1950's Microphone-
  • Elvis's Hair Gel-
  • Elton John's Glass Piano-
  • Etta James Ring-
  • Makeup From The Music Video Thriller-
  • Prince's Purple Suit-
  • Gene Kelly's Umbrella-
  • Gun From West Side Story-
  • Whitney Houston's Dress-
  • Tupac's Bandana-
  • B.I.G. Small's Gold Chains-
  • John Lennon's Secret Stash-
  • Ray Charles Glasses-
  • Costumes From Video Killed The Radio Star-
  • Mary J Blidge's Belt-
  • Gene Autry's Sequin Boots-
  • Fish Net Stockings From The Rocky Horror Picture Show-

Ballroom ArtifactsEdit

  •  Alvin Alley's Neck Tie-
  • Harry Belafonte's Limbo Stick-
  • James Brown's Shoes-
  • Michael Jackson's Glove-
  • Anna Karina's Tutu-
  • Fred Estaire's Sock's-
  • Josephine Baker's Fruit Hat-