These are artifacts that we must treat with prim & proper care or they will be very angry.


  • Elizabeth Taylor's Maniquinn- It must be powdered once a day. Or you will be turned plastic.
  • Shiloh's Dog Leash- It must be taken outside three times a day. If not walked you will bark instead of speak.
  • Lipstick- It must be used once a day. Effects unknown.
  • Beyonce's Weave- If not worn everyday, It will make you the most hideous woman on earth ending In poverty & you won't be able to find success anywhere.
  • Mad Hatter's Tea Set- If not drunken from at 12 everyday It will cause you to go insane.
  • Mariah Carey's Bangles- If not sung to twice a day It will cause Mariah Carey's music to resonate through the warehouse for a entire month.