Artie Had Sent Me, My 6 year old cousin mamie, and grandmother to the condemned Bates Motel. We were

supposxe to go two days earlier but we were still moving into the Warehouse. Some rowdy teenagers had went

there and stole some artifacts. I feel sorry for those stupid kids because they do not know what they had gotten

thereselves into. The main reason we came was because a teen had died from stab wounds inside of his body

but could not be saw on the outside of his body. At the funeral there was two boys there asking them do they

know what happened they said no but said there friend Andy was missing. My grandmother knowing he wasn't

dead using her perfect intution assured us now. We asked them about the motel and they handed over the

SHOWER CURTAIN. We thought of what effect it could do to us and none were thought of so we took off. Now

we knew the truth Andy was the murderer. When we asked him about it he broke into tears. He took us to the

shed and told us to wear sunglasses and we did. There it was the original Bates Motel light bulb billboard sign.

Mamie came from the house and asked what everbody was looking at and she took a glimpse and she tried to

kill Andy and was given the strength of Norman Bates. Grandma thought fast and snatched the shower curtain

from my hands and wrapped it around Mamie. The affects were lifted and we had to take the sign and shower

curtain to the warehouse Artie said "wow it still shines even when there is no electricity plugged up to it."

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