This is where sickness that were to strong in public are placed. They are collected and stored in test tubes. Some diseases are still lingering but they are not as strong as they were.

  • First Aids- Was sent out to kill people the government disliked but it go out of hand.
  • Atlantis Complex- Got rid of such species with magical attributes. Which was mainly Fairies, Sprites, and Pixies.
  • Black Trump Virus- It was designed to kill card players and gamblers.
  • Bloodfire Virus- Created by wolves, First to be affected was Genghis Khan. It turns you into a vampire.
  • Bubonic Plague- Same as it was no stronger.
  • Brainpox- Causes you to feel pain in your dreams.
  • Condon Zero- Designed by southern Americans to kill blacks.
  • Cooties- Causes no one to be attracted to you.
  • Dragon Pox- Diminished the witch and wizard population. Only witches and wizards may get it.
  • Dry Ditch- Causes weakness, hot flashes, and chills. Also it will always end in death.
  • The Red Death- Causes affected to bleed from their pores.
  • Teen Plague- Only effect adolescents and causes extra body parts to appear on their bodies.
  • Vampiris- Causes photo sensitivity, Blindness near mirrors, Canine teeth, Burning near sun, and Bullet proof adhesive to appear on skin. But you still are not a vampire.
  • White Plague- Designed to kill all women.
  • Carnosaur Virus- Causes women to give birth to dinosaurs with out having sexual activity.
  • Coma- Causes Children to have a ten year coma and then wake up and have a need to kill all adults.
  • Brain Cloud- No symptoms just will instantly kill in six months.
  • Herpes Simplex 10- A venereal disease where a person's body parts fall off.
  • Reaper- 50x stronger than the black plague.
  • Genie Flu- Caused the extinction of genie's.
  • Chicken Pox- Causes your skin to peel off.
  • Mad Cow Disease-
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