This vault contains the most sinister artifacts. They are so powerful that they must be held back by a purple forcefield.


  • Jim Jones Gold Ring
  • Osama Bin Laden's Turban- if worn any building you touch will explode.
  • Hannibal Lector's Silverware- if used it will turn you into a intelligent, psychopathic, cannibal.
  • Tiki- It unleashes a mass hoard of island deities onto the world if catches daylight.
  • Lei- will undo the effects of the tiki. It is the only things that can neutralize the tiki.
  • Black Angel Wings
  • Borden Crime Scene Photo's- If looked at your body will be chopped into pieces.
  • Faces of Death Unseen Film
  • Nat Turner's Overalls- If worn the wearer will have an incredible urge to kill Caucasians.
  • Calamity Jane's High Heels- Whatever the wearer walks by while wearing them will disintegrate.
  • Elizabeth Bathory's Bath Tub
  • Talat Pasha's Neck Tie
  • Josef Mengele's Scalpul Set
  • Saddam Hussein's Collection of Whips- The most painful tortue device ever imagined.
  • Robespeirrie's Powdered Wig- Repeats the rein of terror.
  • Nero's Arrows
  • Ivan The Terrible's Diamond Cane
  • Pol Pot's Hair Scissor's
  • Adolf Hitler's Badges - Gives you a large hatred for Jewish people
  • Joseph Stalin's Shoe Strings
  • Vlad Dracula's Teeth- Whoever body you breath upon blood will be drawn out there body and into yours.
  • George W. Bush'a Sorrow & Pity
  • Mussolini's Check List - Kills everyone who is checked off on the list
  • Mao Zedong's Neck Tie
  • Gilles De Rains Comb- It will make you torture, rape, and murder dozens, if not hundreds, of young children, mainly boys.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer's Refridgerator- if you open it your body will appear mutilated in it.
  • Albert Fish's Jar Of Candy- It will cause you to go into a molesting rampage.
  • Gallows From Salem
  • Attila the Hun's Lion Heads
  • Genghis Khan's Earings
  • Hades Pitch Fork
  • K.K.K. Hoods- they cause mass hatred against all races.
  • Bloody Mary's Mirror