This artifact is a famous novel by Stephen King. It is the story of a extremely unpopular girl who is raised by an insane mother who's husband left her. Her husband was drunk. He attacked her and tried to fight but after she smelled the whiskey and liked it she succumbed. Then her husband raped her. Later, Carrieta N. White was born or Carrie. She was raised by an insane mother but she was a strong believer in the Lord. She believed that Carrie was born from sin and locked her in the "Prayer Closet" for days. When she was about four her mother beat and then all of a sudden a bunch of hailstone rained down, but only on their house. As she got older she was an outcast because of her mother's many rules and rigid parenting. Fast forward to prom, she had been asked out by the most popular girl in school. This was because someone sent their boyfriend to go with her because she had pity on her. What was actually set up was the prom King and Queen she wasn't actually it as she was receiving the flowers they dumped pig's blood on her after that she snapped. She believed that everyone was laughing at her(they really weren't only people who did it). After that she burned down and killed all the people in the gym and parts of the town. Eventually she died of overexerting her power.

Effects and downsides

Once the person touches the book they will start to change personality wise. They will become more like Carrie and eventually have hallucinations about the bullying and mistreatment that she received from the people at school and her mother. Also, they will receive telekinetic abilities like Carrie. At a certain point they will invisibly be dumped with pig's blood for real. After that they will go on a rampage and kill and destroy everyone around her eventually they will kill their own mother and then kill themselves. The only way for it to be stopped and neutralized is before they get dumped with pig's blood.


It was possibly created by Stephen King's time, energy and feeling that he put into the book making what happens to Carrie happens to the owner. It deserves to be in the Dark Vault because even though it takes a week to come to full potential it can still wipe out a city.