These are artifacts that were once in the warehouse but disappeared, or they were never in the warehouse & have disappeared off our radar. Butt we know that they were not destroyed


  • Davy Jones Locker- If something living is placed inside they will be sent to Limbo with out a way to come back.
  • Shovel Used To Bury Jimmy Hoffa- If something is buried with it, it will send the item to a unknown place to never be found.
  • Circe's Potion's & Elixir's- They all have different effects. (Lost when be transfered to warehouse 2)
  • Bruce Lee's Black Belt- Gives you unhuman martial arts abilities.
  • Bottle of The Original Patented Penicilin- Relieves you of all pain for a 12 month period.
  • Nails & Bolts From Warehouse 1- They had artifact locating abilities & a cloaking field lost with warehouse 1.
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamond's On Vinyl- When played you will get high off of L.C.D.