This is where paintings and sculptures that had side effects have come.


  • Mona Lisa
  • Ginevra de’ Benci
  • Christ Carrying The Cross
  • Sistine Chapel Ceiling
  • Primavera
  • Resurrection Of Christ
  • Torment Of Saint Anthony
  • Baptism Of The Christ
  • Shot Marilyn
  • Cambell Soup Can's
  • Lady JusticeGo to l
  • The Kiss
  • The Thinker
  • Venus De Milo
Artist Sandro Botticelli
Year c. 1482
Medium Tempera on panel
Original Location Uffizi of Florence, Italy
Dimensions 80 in × 124 in
203 cm × 314 cm
  • Primavera- If you have looked at when other people look into your eyes they will make you feel like royalty.

Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Year 1495–1498
Medium Tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic
Original Location Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan
Dimensions 181 in × 346 in
460 cm × 880 cm
  • The Last Supper- Takes you back to the last supper of christ.

Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Year c. 1503–1519
Medium Oil on poplar
Original Location Musée du Louvre, Paris
Dimensions 30 in × 21 in
77 cm × 53 cm
  • Mona Lisa- When looked into her eyes for at least five minutes. She will absorb your soul.

Artist Andrea del Verrocchio
Year 1472-1475
Medium Oil on wood
Original Location Uffizi, Florence
Dimensions 70 in × 59 in
177 cm × 151 cm
  • Baptism Of Christ- Blesses you and assures you that you will go to heaven. (Stolen Once By A Catholic Priest Who Had Raped A Child To Make Sure He would Go T Heaven But It Did Not Work Because He Did Not Have A Pure Soul.)

Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Year 1474
Medium Oil on panel
Original Location National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Dimensions 15.0 in × 14.6 in
38.1 cm × 37 cm
  • Genevra De'Benci- If you look into her eyes she will switch souls with you.

Artist Michelangelo
Year c. 1487–1488
Medium Oil and tempera on panel
OriginalLocation Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas
Dimensions 18.5 in × 13.25 in
47 cm × 35 cm
  • Torment Of Saint Anthony- When room tempature is over 100F it will unleash demons.

  • Sistine Chapel Ceiling- Too big to fit on here because it takes up a whole wall of the warehouse. Is a portal to the afterlife.

Artist Raphael
Year 1499-1502
Medium Oil on panel
Original Location São Paulo Museum of Art, São Paulo
Dimensions 20.47 in × 17.32 in
52 cm × 44 cm
  • Resurrection Of Christ- Lets you be able to bring yourself back to life.

Artist Titian or Giorgione
Year c. 1508-1509
Medium Oil on canvas
Original Location Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, Italy
Dimensions 28 in × 36 in
71 cm × 91 cm
  • Christ Carrying The Cross- Invisble Nails will go through your head, hands, and feet.

Artist Edvard Munch
Year 1893
Medium Oil, tempera, and pastel on cardboard
Original Location National Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Dimensions 36 in × 28.9 in
91 cm × 73.5 cm
  • The Scream- A loud scream resinates from it but also if there is more than one person around it they will start fighting for no reason.

  • Dog's Playing Poker- If a dog looks at it will give them human qualities and if a human looks at it. It will give them dog qualities.

  • Andy Warhol's Cambell Soup Can's- Effect unkown.

  • Andy Warhol's Shot Marilyn- Effect Unknown.

  • The Kiss- Sculpted by Auguste Rodin in 1889. Anyone around it will be made to make out until they realize faults about each other.

  • Lady Justice- No none sculptor but does make you know what true justice is and makes you show people what it trully is.

  • The Thinker- Sculpted by Auguste Rodin. Effect is if you think using your brain to close to it. It will absobe all data stored in your brain.

  • Venus De Milo- If it likes the way you look it will take your limbs and add it to itself.
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